Smart Precision Agriculture Technology Project For Farmers

  • by M.Hemasri Murugakani
  • 10 Mar 2019

A working model for precise crop cultivation for farmers using smart Precision Agriculture Technology with less cost of cultivation and less human resources


Devesh 1 Rajput(one year ago)


Murugan S(one year ago)

Amazing. Innovative and good presentation

Muruga Kani(one year ago)

Innovative project for development of agriculture

Dr Amarkarthik A(one year ago)

It’s really amazing to find such a small kid could do so much. My high appreciations to the kid and the organisers.

Priyanka Madhayyen(one year ago)

Nice project..good idea..keep it up ma..

Anbu Sellam(one year ago)

Superb! Dear good innovative and wonderful for the future farmers ???.god bless u

SivaKumar T(one year ago)

Nice. It's an innovative one.

Kavitha Somasundaram(one year ago)

Excellent project

Sakthivel P(one year ago)

Good Technology,

Deepankumar M(one year ago)

Good technology sister

Deepankumar M(one year ago)

Good technology sister

Deepankumar M(one year ago)

Good technology sister

Raju V(one year ago)

Good innovation and need of the nation

Sanjeev Kumar(one year ago)

Nice work

kasthuri vellingiri(one year ago)

Nice kuty keep it up

Viswanathan K(one year ago)

Excellent project

Poonkodi poonkodi(one year ago)

Done a great job and feel proud about you

Deeba T(one year ago)

Good technology for optimum water usage and it will reduce unwanted use of water

Thangavel M(one year ago)

It is very useful to farmers and cost saving in cultivation. Awesome

Sanjoy Mal(one year ago)

Wow..amazing presentation ..welldone????????

Ajay Vicky(one year ago)

Nice project ..very well executed

Rakxna Chandran(one year ago)

Awesome dear ..u have done a very good job

M.Hemasri Murugakani(one year ago)

Wonderful job . Cute explanation

venkateswara rd(one year ago)

Amazing work

M.Hemasri Murugakani(one year ago)

Awesome work guys......

Leenasri M(one year ago)

Very good. Really need of this project to farming communities

M.Hemasri Murugakani(one year ago)


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