About Us

As a part of our mission to broaden the horizons of learning, we have introduced a shared learning platform ‘www.mystemtime.com’.

The learners (students or teachers) can watch superior quality educational content based on STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Education through this portal. 

We are creating an environment where videos from mentors will be available to help the students in their pursuit of excellence. The students will be able to share their own work to showcase it to the learners’ community. 

Benefits to the Students:

  • Access to the Educational Videos based on multiple topics and new technologies
  • Students will be embracing new technologies
  • Access to Mentors for any specialized product or topic

Benefits to the Schools:

  • Schools become aware of the emerging technologies 
  • Access to the content that can be used for desired learning outcomes 
  • Assessments videos to gauge the performance of the students 

Through this video portal, we are giving the school and its students a chance to be a part of the next revolution “Education 3.0,” an approach characterized by rich, cross-institutional, cross-cultural educational opportunities within which the learners themselves play a key role as creators of knowledge artefacts that are shared. 

Education 3.0 means actively embracing new technologies to see how they can help students learn efficiently.